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Local planning authorities increasingly require contributions (Developer Contributions) towards off-site infrastructure improvements which are tied to the favourable determination of a planning application.

In addition, where the application relates to an agricultural or forestry workers dwelling, the authority usually tie the new dwelling to the land used to justify the application.

Section 106 Agreements are contractual obligations which fall outside the normal scope of the planning process or where there are financial implications for the applicant.

When an applicant volunteers to enter into an agreement with the authority, the same legislative provision is used to provide a Unilateral Undertaking.

Either method can cover a vast array of issues; contributions to the cost of local services or infrastructure, the management of a site once development has taken place, the routeing of construction vehicles to and from the site and many other issues which cannot readily be controlled by a planning condition.

The services of a town planning consultant are highly recommendded and we have considerable experience in negotiating such agreements to ensure the clients interests are protected at all times.




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